How to Evolve Localization from Tactics to Strategy [Podcast]
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How to Evolve Localization from Tactics to Strategy [Podcast]

How to Evolve Localization from Tactics to Strategy [Podcast]

How many translators and LSPs have heard the following pleas from engineers, passionate sales people, or even managers at least a few times in your career?

“Hey, just let me get this content out this one time. I promise to be more organized in the future, and look at the data and determine whether or not it’s the right time to localize the content from a broader, more strategic perspective. But can you help me out of this bind just this once?”

If you’re like most of us, you’ve heard it more than just once. And what’s more, you’re likely to hear it time and again.

In this week’s episode of Globally Speaking, our host M.W. Stevens has an in-depth discussion with Hanna Kanabiajeuskaja, a native of Belarus, who did an outstanding job of building a strategic localization approach when she was Localization Manager for Box, an enterprise content management platform.

Major topics include:

  • Why a country’s GDP is not a good localization incentive
  • How personas differ and why they’re critical for success
  • What are considered to be best practices in security?
  • How do you evaluate your partners and their level of security?
  • And more

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Hanna Kanabiajeuskaja.jpgHanna Kanabiajeuskaja is Product Manager, Internationalization at Uber. While  she was Localization Manager for Box, she was responsible for delivering globalization strategy and managing localization platforms and programs. Hanna is an associate manager for the Silicon Valley Chapter of Women in Localization and is on the advisory board of Translation Commons, a nonprofit online language community.

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