How to Get Started in B2B Marketing [Podcast]
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How to Get Started in B2B Marketing [Podcast]

Most B2B marketers starting their outreach would quickly admit they could use some advice. You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

With so many theories and strategies out there, it can be hard to pick an approach and gain momentum.

In this episode of Globally Speaking, Michael Burns, the founder of the PR and marketing firm Burns360, shares his insights into how B2Bs should start marketing to their potential buyers.

Globally Speaking RadioHe discusses:

  • The importance of an online presence
  • Analytics and tracking data online (and top tools)
  • Why the ‘media relations support’ part of PR is important
  • How earned, owned, and paid media are merging
  • The types of analysis to do when you’re getting started
  • Tips on an inbound content strategy

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Michael Burns Burns360About Michael Burns

Michael founded Burns360 nearly three decades ago. He is a specialist in strategic marketing and corporate communications, specifically managing integrated communication campaigns for B2B companies. He loves keeping Burns360 at the forefront of new (and constantly changing) marketing innovations. He holds BA and MA degrees from the University of Texas and an MBA from the University of Houston.


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