Introducing the RWS Moravia Go Global Model
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Introducing the RWS Moravia Go Global Model

It’s tough to drive successful expansion into new markets unless you look at the big picture—all the activities that must be completed in order to be truly global. Sure, your company must localize. That’s a given. But it’s not enough.

Before you localize, how do you make sure you’ve chosen the right markets?

After that, how do you guarantee your content can be found easily and engages your customers in each market?

Then, how do you ensure the customer experience is as good as it can be so you can generate fans and repeat customers?

And you need a plan for constant improvement…

The way RWS Moravia sees it, based on our extensive experience with huge global brands, there are phases that businesses go through on their journey to conquer their global markets, with each phase comprised of goal-driven services.

So, we have developed an all-new approach to globalization, broken down into five phases that drive global expansion in a holistic, comprehensive way. It’s based on your business needs, meets you where you are in the globalization cycle and is highly flexible and modular. It’s called the Go Global Model. It’s a globalization methodology that drives results.

Let’s take a closer look.


In the Plan phase, enterprises craft their strategy for gaining and retaining customers in new markets. You’re at this phase if:

  • You are laying the foundations for success in new (and current) markets.
  • You need to gather market intelligence about your target geographies.
  • You are pretty sure your localization program could be more efficient and effective.
  • You need to build a dedicated team to handle an important (but non-core) function.

At this stage, RWS Moravia provides global product and localization strategy consulting and services like market research and analysis, technology consulting and implementation (including MT), supply chain and recruitment services and building teams to handle non-core functions (like an editorial team).


Creating global content that performs at scale is the focus of the Create phase. You are at the Create phase if:

  • You need content for all your markets but are not sure how to define and produce it.
  • You must build content creation teams who can produce documentation, videos and other multimedia, online help, even social posts.
  • You could use help with publishing and managing everything with technology.

For our clients who need to manage and overcome content creation challenges, we help by providing content strategy consulting, content creation (editing, authoring, multimedia design and development) and content management and maintenance.


Localization enables enterprises to serve every market just as effectively as their home market. You are in this phase if:

  • You’ve chosen new markets and must provide optimized, local content for each of them.
  • You must get your marketing message right for each market without costly (and embarrassing) mistakes.
  • You have high volumes of content and you simply can’t translate it all.

RWS Moravia provides localization services that enable enterprises to take their products and content quickly to new markets such as web, software, app, multimedia and document localization, transcreation, Machine Translation (MT) and post-editing (PE) and Language Quality Assurance.


This is the phase of going global where you maximize the discoverability, appeal and impact of your content. You’re at the Engage phase if:

  • You need to make sure your content is findable, compelling and shareable.
  • You must raise the bar to create more engaging, more impactful digital content.
  • You need a social media strategy for all your target markets.

To help enterprises make sure customers are connecting with their brand, we provide global digital marketing strategy consulting, global SEO and SEM, paid media programs and social media strategy.


And lastly, global expansion and growth means pushing for better, faster and more engagement—and ultimately more sales. You are at the Optimize phase if:

  • You need your content development and localization machine to perform at greater speed, higher quality and lower cost.
  • You have to make sure all your localized products are free of linguistic or functional bugs.
  • You need to test your website to make sure the user is having the best experience possible—and converting.
  • You need to understand your data and how it can support program improvements.

To help our clients optimize user experience, and ultimately growth, RWS Moravia provides test consulting and planning, quality consulting and strategy, functional, linguistic and localization testing, user experience (UX) testing, CRO and social listening and sentiment analysis. We also provide business intelligence and data analysis services.

Comprehensive yet customized

With this five-phase model, we tackle and resolve the stickiest globalization problems. Yet we recognize that the globalization journey is not sequential, so the phases are iterative, circular. We can help in one phase at a time, or all at once.

And on top of it all, the Go Global Model recognizes that no two enterprises are the same. It allows for ultimate flexibility and customization.


If you want to know more about the Go Global Model, see the slideshare that describes our Go Global Model, or take the self-assessment that can diagnose where you are in the process.

If you are interested in talking to one of our Global Solution Experts for more information on any phase or service, contact us here