Language Support for Global Company Integrations
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Language Support for Global Company Integrations

When two companies begin the process of merging operations, communication is key. On-boarding several new global locations requires a strong integration plan and the right language support.

Company mergers affect all departments within a business but each will have their own language support requirements. Over many years, RWS Language Solutions has developed a wealth of experience in supporting key business functions successfully navigate the challenges of integrating operations. Each department and each project is unique and this shapes the workflows we apply, the technology we use, the linguist teams we select and the technical experience we need to bring.


As new offices and team members are brought into the fold, we help HR teams communicate successfully around the world by ensuring employment contracts, policies and training content are available in all required languages. This is critical to ensure staff are able to clearly understand company policies and feel supported during the transition.


Keeping external stakeholders well informed during a time of change is critical to maintain trust and retain existing relationships. We help marketing teams to deliver clear and impactful messages that resonate with each target audience.

As new sales collateral is created to showcase the company’s expanded service line, we can localize each piece to support sales team deliver key messages and win business in each target market.


When two companies come together, a lot of time is spent reviewing existing legal documentation and identifying ways to harmonize. This task is made ever more challenging when multiple languages are involved.

Understanding the importance and secure nature of such documents, we help lawyers get to the detail quickly by providing a secure translation service with all day coverage and a dedicated team for quick turnaround of contracts, licensing agreements, terms and conditions and other key legal documentation.


In much the same way as the legal department, finance teams will need to get a handle on existing finance and accounting policies and processes and financial account statements as a new company comes onto the books. With extensive industry knowledge and a thorough understanding of financial and legal terminology, we help finance teams navigate financial documentation in over 150 language combinations.

Let’s not forget verbal communication

As well as planning for the translation and localization of written content and media, ensuring that you have access to professional interpreting services to support multilingual business meetings, site visits and employee negotiations will be critical. Our interpreting team will advise you on the most appropriate interpreting style to ensure your verbal communications are a success. They can also help organize large training events and conferences including providing specialist interpreting equipment.

Streamlined service through a single point of contact

Company integrations are often large and complex, involving coordination with a number of locales and stakeholders. Planning and executing the integration process alongside your standard day job can be a challenge. Whatever department you are in and no matter what you need translating or help communicating, our project teams have the expertise and technical skills to support you at each step of the journey.


If you have a company integration on the horizon or are already in the process, contact us to find out more about our translation and interpreting services.