Localizing for the Netflix Effect [Podcast]
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Localizing for the Netflix Effect [Podcast]

Localizing for the Netflix Effect [Podcast]

Sometimes a company has such a major impact on the localization business that it can literally create a new paradigm for the industry overnight. Now, one of those companies is Netflix.

Netflix recently embarked on the most aggressive localization effort in history. By launching service to 130 countries simultaneously, Netflix has literally set a new standard for managing—and focusing on—global communications.

On this week’s episode of Globally Speaking, M. W. (Michael) Stevens delves deep into how the “Netflix Effect” will impact our industry, both now and in the future. Michael interviews Katell Jentreau, Localization Language Manager at Netflix, who gives us an inside look at how the company is accomplishing such an amazing global endeavor.

Globally Speaking RadioTopics include:

  • How Netflix makes its content available to local consumers anywhere in the world
  • How Netflix approaches and manages local language needs specifically
  • How Netflix is creating a greater awareness of the need for professional translation and localization services

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Katell Jentreau.jpgAbout Katell Jentreau

Katell Jentreau has been working in localization for over 20 years, both on the vendor and client sides. More recently, she led the globalization effort at Box from 2012 to 2015, and then joined the Netflix globalization team as the company was getting ready to launch globally. As a language manager, Katell has been working on improving and expanding the Netflix localized experience for users around the world.


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