Localizing the Revolution in Global Travel…the Airbnb Way [Podcast]
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Localizing the Revolution in Global Travel…the Airbnb Way [Podcast]

Localizing the Revolution in Global Travel…the Airbnb Way [Podcast]

Would you let a stranger who doesn’t speak your language spend the night in your home? Now, thanks to the global sharing economy, millions of people worldwide are doing just that every single day.

The sharing economy is an economic system where private individuals share and charge for assets or services they provide between each other—in other words, a person to person arrangement versus a traditional transaction between an individual and an established company. This “private individual to private individual” approach isn’t just growing, it’s literally revolutionizing the way people buy and sell a multitude of services around the world.

The global travel and hospitality industry is one of the primary segments where transactions between private individuals are flourishing at a skyrocketing pace and, in some instances, even outpacing growth projections for traditional hospitality providers.

Globally Speaking RadioIn this episode of Globally Speaking, our hosts Renato Beninatto and Michael Stevens discuss the sharing economy with Dan Hill, the Director of Product and Growth at Airbnb—a pioneering platform that allows travelers to book stays and travel services with local people, instead of hotels or other traditional accommodations.

Topics include:

  • How Airbnb handles translation and localization issues
  • How raw machine translation impacts the transaction process
  • How to determine what languages are most important for translating a listing
  • When professional translators and original content are required, and when they’re not 

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