Moravia Partners with Oban International to Help You Win at Global Digital Marketing
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Moravia Partners with Oban International to Help You Win at Global Digital Marketing

Moravia Partners with Oban International to Help You Win at Global Digital Marketing

Moravia Partners with Oban International to Help You Win at Global Digital Marketing

We don’t think it’s radical to say that content is unstoppable in its move towards digital, and it’s getting more and more complex every day: there’s an explosion in the amount of online content, it’s being delivered in a huge array of formats and channels, and print is being left far behind. And if that online digital content doesn’t perform in all languages and markets, then you’re sunk.

Content for global growth

We get it. Digital content that delivers is the key to the global growth of all our clients. It’s about managing faster product and content releases, unprecedented volumes, and whole new levels of complexity (channels, formats, devices).

If your business depends on global success—and we know yours does—the truth is that localization and digital marketing are now intrinsically linked. To be successful in global markets and create content that helps achieve business objectives, one cannot work without the other.

Yet, the skillsets and services needed to bring home performance in each area are different. The key to success is to combine the best capabilities of localization and digital marketing services to deliver on the language, functionality and performance of your product and content.

Compound capabilties

So, we found a partner: Oban International. Founded in 2002 and based in Brighton, UK, they are a privately-owned company with 40 employees, including a friendly office terrier named Pepe. Not to mention their huge network of dedicated digital marketing experts residing in 78 countries. Oban’s client list includes BBC, Marriott, P&G, Speedo, Dell, Twitter, Cisco, and MSN. And their expertise covers ecommerce, travel, financial services, healthcare, and technology.

Let’s take a concrete example of how their services power global success. They helped Big Bus, a tour company expanding their services in locations across the globe, with a multilingual PPC drive that led to a 35% increase in sales.

Oban knows how to drive the performance of digital in all markets: global UX, CRO, SEO, PPC, ASO, marketing automation, attribution. Their network of dedicated digital marketing practitioners is ready to make your content count in each market.

Moravia gets localization: translation, transcreation, testing and engineering, workflow and process. Our resource bench of over 18,000 translators and engineers are ready to tailor the language and functionality of your product for locales across the globe.

Both enterprises use technology as a backbone to automate and streamline operations that manifest cost, speed and accuracy benefits.

Together, we bring both areas of expertise to you, seamlessly. With an expert project manager handling both sides of the equation, strengthening the performance of global products and content is a hands-free experience for our global clients. Your content wins with the intersection of our comprehensive capabilities.

Moravia is now in a uniquely strong position to help our clients with the urgency and challenge of global digital marketing—to manage scale, complexity, and delivery of content that performs across international markets.

You can get there

Digital is taking over. Time to embrace it. Whether you win or lose in the new world of digital marketing depends on your ability to handle the complexity of 21st-century campaigns: always-on, multi-channel, high-velocity, multilingual. Moravia, with Oban, is now your partner of choice to make your content perform across languages and locales.


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