Saving Latin America’s Endangered Languages [Podcast]
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Saving Latin America’s Endangered Languages [Podcast]

Saving Latin America’s Endangered Languages [Podcast]

How do you say “It’s time to revive Latin America’s endangered languages” in Qom?

If you don’t know, just ask Cecilia Piaggio. Cecilia is the founder of Latin America Habla, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving indigenous languages in Argentina and throughout Latin America—starting with Qom.

In this episode of Globally Speaking, Cecilia joins our hosts to discuss how she formed Latin America Habla, why it’s important to save South America’s dying languages, and how you can get involved.

Topics include:

  • The movement to revive the Qom language in Argentina
  • How to create written standards for spoken languages
  • How to build demand for a new generation of speakers
  • Strategies for driving interest and engagement
  • How to expand the Qom model to other endangered languages

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