Summer Reading: Moravia’s Most Popular Blog Posts
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Summer Reading: Moravia’s Most Popular Blog Posts

Summer Reading: Moravia’s Most Popular Blog Posts


Whether you’re chained to your desk seeking inspiration or searching for a good vacation read, we’ve got you covered. Catch up on Moravia’s most popular blog posts from the last three months.

Screening_Transcreation_and_Marketing_Translation_SpecialistsHow to Screen Transcreation and Marketing Translation Specialists

If you think transcreation is the domain of only the trendiest consumer brands, think again: we’re seeing a spike in transcreation demand from a number of giants in business-to-business technology and life sciences. Here are a few insights to help identify and source the right talent for your program.


Cleaning_Translation_Memories_BlogHow to Clean Up Your Translation Memories [Step-by-Step Guide]

As your translation volumes grow, so do your translation memories (TMs). Exponential program growth often generates massive, unwieldy TMs. If your translation memories have not been inspected for quite some time, they probably need a thorough cleanup. Go find your latex gloves, and let’s walk through the process.


Localization_Best_Practices_BlogCreating Localization Best Practices (And 8 Resources We Really Love)

“Best practices” isn’t sales jargon: it’s a way of life. Learn how best practices are formed and view top resources for localization best practices.


Agile_Localization_Failures3 Reasons Companies Fail at Agile Localization

While Agile localization has been an attractive change for many software developers and localization vendors alike, many implementations are still falling short. Why is that? Let’s look at some of the most common causes.


Localization_Dashboard_BlogLocalization Metrics 101: A Crash Course in the Basics

The quality measurement field has a saying: “What gets measured gets done.” Let’s take a look at the basic metrics of translation and localization so that you can start planning better and improving on the relationships that you have with your partners and clients.


Online_Booking4 Goals of Successful Localization in Travel and Hospitality (And How to Measure Them)

Travel and hospitality is one of the most fiercely competitive spaces in the e-commerce world. This post aims to explain how high-quality localization can provide one effective advantage for B2C sales channel in this industry — and in many others too.


Localization_Dashboard-2How to Create an Effective Localization Dashboard

Are you using a dashboard? And, if so, is it providing you with the right kinds of information to drive your multilingual products to the right destination?


Quality_Levels_in_TranslationWhich Localization Model Is the Best Choice for Translation Quality?

Learn about the ways by which you can determine what quality indicators are important to your project goals and which supplier model — in-house localization, single sourcing, or outsourcing to multiple suppliers — will deliver the best value.


Budget_Approach_to_LQA8 Steps to Solve Language Quality Issues within Your Existing Budget

Every dollar you spend on linguistic quality assurance (LQA) is a dollar you can’t spend translating content. Before you increase your LQA budget, these quality management tips will help you control the size of your LQA effort, reduce time spent on quality passes, reallocate LQA spend to localization, and get the best quality result for your business needs.


Global_Ecommerce7 Golden Rules for Creating Great Multilingual E-Commerce Sites

Content translation is merely a small part of creating a native shopping experience. Consider the following seven golden rules for creating a truly local e-commerce experience.


MobilegeddonAvoiding Mobilegeddon on Your Localized Sites

On April 21, 2015, Google began considering a site’s mobile-friendliness in its search rankings. What does this change mean for localized websites? How can you ensure your multilingual sites are highly ranked on Google?


PersuasionHow to Get Your Boss to Prioritize Localization Investments

The world’s most successful companies localize their products and services into the languages of consumers worldwide. But if that’s not enough to convince your boss that the returns are worth the investment, here’s some more evidence showing translation and localization may be your company’s best bet for success on the global stage.


Localization_Metrics_201-1Localization Metrics 201: Moving Beyond the Basics for Optimization

Tracking basic indicators like on-time deliveries, average language quality scores, and throughput is vital to establishing a solid localization program. Once you have these basics down — especially narrowing your focus to the metrics that are important to your own unique strategy — you can turn your attention to Level 200 issues.

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