Technology in the World of Translation [Podcast]
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Technology in the World of Translation [Podcast]

Technology in the World of Translation [Podcast]

Virtually everyone in the language industry knows how important technology is in helping translators deliver high-quality translations efficiently, cost-effectively, and perhaps most importantly, in multiple languages at accelerated speeds.

But that doesn’t mean everyone agrees on the role technology plays—or even should play—in language localization. In fact, just the opposite is true.

There is still much confusion within the language industry, not only about the different types of technology systems now on the market, but also about the future impact of ongoing technology advancements on the translation process.

In this week’s episode of the Globally Speaking podcast, our hosts Renato Beninatto and M.W. “Michael” Stevens discuss different aspects of translation technology, including why so many people in the language services industry are often confused about technology-related issues. 

Renato and Michael share their thoughts on the following:Globally Speaking Radio

  • Is there any difference between managing the language part of the localization process and managing the translation process itself?  
  • Is it beneficial for LSPs to be technology agnostic?
  • Are cloud-based solutions getting more popular?
  • What really matters to the end client when technology is involved?
  • What is the “best” technology product for translators?

And many more technology issues that matter to language service professionals.

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