The Evolution of Interpretation [Podcast]
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The Evolution of Interpretation [Podcast]

Sometimes immediate interpretation is important: at a conference, a government proceeding, a trial.

But simultaneous interpretation (also known as live interpretation) is historically difficult across geographies because of a lack of technology and a lack of qualified resources in each country. 

Ewandro Magalhães, an expert interpreter, businessman, and writer, has experienced these challenges and come up with some solutions that have evolved the interpretation industry. We spoke with him on our Globally Speaking podcast.

Globally Speaking RadioIn this episode we discuss:

  • How to meet online when all participants do not speak the same language
  • How interpretation technology is evolving
  • Why interpreters fear technology
  • The difficulty of finding qualified, expert interpreters (even in big cities)
  • The challenge of interpretation in a critical situation

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Ewandro MagalhaesAbout Ewandro Magalhães

Ewandro is the VP of Kudo, a cloud-based multilingual platform for collaboration that improves the way people meet and collaborate over distances and across languages. He began his career as a conference interpreter, becoming a chief interpreter in the United Nations system. He’s also a published author and has given popular TED talks.

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