The Rise of Interpretainment [Podcast]
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The Rise of Interpretainment [Podcast]

The Rise of Interpretainment [Podcast]

Motivational speakers like Tony Robbins and Nick Vujicic have gained millions of enthusiastic followers around the world—and the numbers keep growing.

Why? Because their messages of self-empowerment and hope have literally transformed the lives of countless people for the better, and they have helped thousands more achieve goals they never thought were possible.

Top motivational speakers keep filling arenas worldwide as more and more people come to hear their messages and apply their principles for success to their own lives.

But what happens when interpretation comes between a motivational speaker and the audience? How do you keep enthusiasm from getting lost in translation? And how do you convey subtle nuances like tone of voice, body language, and physical movement?

On this week’s episode of Globally Speaking, Renato Beninatto speaks with Maria Paula Carvalho, a conference interpreter and translator, on a new concept called “interpretainment.”

Globally Speaking RadioWith interpretainment, the interpreter tries to mimic the speaker’s tone and gestures, in addition to translating the content.

Topics include:

  • The difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • The definition of interpretainment
  • Why interpretainers must surrender to the speaker’s emotions—laugh, cry, shout, dance, whatever is needed to achieve the intended impact
  • How common is interpretainment in the language industry today

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