Unpacking Localization Strategies for a Global Hospitality Brand [Podcast]
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Unpacking Localization Strategies for a Global Hospitality Brand [Podcast]

Unpacking Localization Strategies for a Global Hospitality Brand [Podcast]

Hospitality could very well be the ultimate global industry, and with 5,700 properties in 110 countries around the world, Marriott International is among the world’s most recognized and respected global hospitality brands.

A good part of Marriott’s globalization strategy is based on the real-world experience, testing and insights that come from Sonia Zamborsky, who oversees the company’s multilingual websites and is responsible for the quality of Marriott’s digital content translations.

Globally Speaking RadioIn this episode of the Globally Speaking podcast, she joins us to speak about the role globalization plays in the hospitality industry, and shares the challenges she faces when a global brand must balance translation quality and consistent messaging with the need for highly localized — and personalized — content.

Topics covered include:

  • How the 80/20 rule applies to localization management
  • User-generated content, and its impact on translation quality
  • The benefits of localized content creation
  • The role metrics play in Marriott’s globalization efforts
  • How an international brand became even more global
  • Why Marriott chooses not to use machine translation (so far)

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Sonia ZamborskyAbout Sonia Zamborsky

Sonia Zamborsky is the Director of Product Field Support and Communications, Digital Globalization for Marriott International. She has worked with Marriott for more than 10 years, helping the company build strong relationships with travelers across the globe.

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