Want the Latest Loc Buzz? Follow These 15 Twitter Accounts
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Want the Latest Loc Buzz? Follow These 15 Twitter Accounts

Want the Latest Loc Buzz? Follow These 15 Twitter Accounts

The language industry is one that never stops evolving, but it might not be that obvious online. As you may have noticed, translation, localization and globalization are niche topics that don’t get much media coverage. But where the media falls short, the Twittersphere provides.

The daunting part is finding time to dig through the noise to find the relatively few active accounts posting great stuff—which is why we’ve compiled the industry’s best Twitter accounts of 2018.

The 15 accounts that made our hand-picked list aren’t ranked in any particular order, but all have worldwide industry influence and a healthy following. They also tweet mostly or only about language. Add these accounts to your Twitter List and you’re guaranteed to stay in the know.

Let’s get following! Click on the handles to go to each account.

Organizations and Communities

1. TAUS (@T21Century)

TAUS is a go-to knowledge bank of industry reports, tools and other useful resources. You might have stumbled across some of them on the network’s other Twitter accounts (@TAUS_DATA or @TAUSDQF), but @T21Century is the most up-to-date. Follow for daily insights and opinions on industry-specific issues—quality and machine translation, in particular—as well as links to free resources. Keep an eye out for the next #tauschat.

2. Localization World (@LocWorld)

Run by the same people in charge of MultiLingual Magazine (follow below) and its partner, the Localization Institute, LocWorld is a thriving community of global business professionals who come together twice a year for the world’s #1 localization conference.

3. GALA (@GALA_Global)

If you’ve been to a GALA networking event, you already know how much value the association provides. Both on its website and on Twitter, GALA offers a goldmine of resources and data to learn from and cite in your own content. Theirs is also one of the best Twitter accounts to follow for news about other companies’ events and webinars, as well as discounts on courses and workshops.

4. Women in Localization (@WomenInL10N)

Women in Localization (WL) is just as dedicated to fostering “a global community for the advancement of women and the localization industry” online as it is offline. The organization’s Twitter account pulls from its chapters all over the world—about upcoming networking events, conference takeaways and of course, successful #womeninl10n.

5. American Translators Association (@atanet)

ATA’s 10,000 members form the backbone of the translation industry in North America, so you don’t want to miss their interactions. The association posts about a wide range of issues and best practices relevant to entrepreneurial translators, from tips for working remotely to world news to fascinating snapshots of history.


6. MultiLingual Magazine (@multilingualmag)

Let’s start with the industry’s flagship publication: MultiLingual Magazine. The journal itself is subscription only, but you’ll find lots of free articles (and a handy glossary of translation terms) on its website. From its Twitter feed, you’ll get daily updates about must-see webinars, events, campaigns and news from various language service leaders.

Marjolein Groot Nibbelink, the magazine’s marketing director, also deserves a follow for interesting (and often hilarious) factoids relevant to both translators and buyers.

7. Localization News (@L10Ntweets)

Localization News doesn’t offer its own opinions on Twitter, but it does curate others’. That means you can rely on its feed for a quick and comprehensive roundup of industry blog posts and news worth reading, sometimes pulled from its Paper.li newspaper. Mention @L10Ntweets in your own tweets if you want a shout-out.

8. Translators without Borders (@TranslatorsWB)

Ever seen the hashtag #LanguageMatters? It originates from the blog run by Translators without Borders (TWB), a nonprofit focused on closing language gaps that hinder humanitarian crisis response. TWB posts inspiring thoughts about humanitarian efforts around the globe and important reminders that language can save lives.

9. Common Sense Advisory (@CSA_Research)

You’ll often see us and other language service providers cite Common Sense Advisory (CSA) statistics. That’s because CSA is one of the industry’s top independent market research firms, covering global marketing, translation technology and everything in between. Follow the firm on Twitter for the latest marketing news and trends. It’s particularly fond of AI.

10. Slator (@slatornews)

Slator is a fantastic source of timely and well-written intelligence on the business side of language. Its library of research- and interview-based articles takes a much-needed journalistic approach to industry coverage. Slator also keeps its Twitter feed fresh with updates on acquisitions, job opportunities, tech developments and influencer insights from around the world.


11. Donna Parrish (@donnaparrish)

A localization veteran of over 15 years, Donna Parrish’s influence is omnipresent. She’s a board member for Translators without Borders, a co-organizer of LocWorld and the publisher of MultiLingual Magazine, to name a few endeavors. On Parrish’s Twitter feed, you’re likely to find tidbits you won’t find elsewhere. She’s especially interested in AI, cultural heritage and old and rare languages.

12. Anna Schlegel (@annapapallona)

Anna Schlegel, a 20-year industry vet and the 2018 Language Industry Person of the Year, is the head of Information Engineering and Globalization at NetApp and the co-founder of Women in Localization. She, too, is involved with several communities and highly engaged on Twitter. Schlegel often amplifies the achievements of industry peers and shares photos from networking events.

13. Jost Zetzsche (@Jeromobot)

Rumor has it that the nine-year-old Jeromobot account is run by German-American translator, author and Tool Box Journal producer Jost Zetzsche, also currently the principal of the International Writers’ Group. Zetzsche is one of the world’s best-known translation specialists, and it shows on Twitter. His news updates and thought-provoking ideas get plenty of engagement. Follow to join the conversation.

14. Uwe Muegge (@UweMuegge)

Uwe Muegge is a 15-year veteran currently leading Global Language Management at Arthrex, an orthopedic medical device company. And if Uwe doesn’t tweet about it, it’s probably not important. His Twitter feed is packed with any and every opportunity available to language service professionals, whether jobs, events or awards. Oh, and you might see the occasional selfie in front of a beautiful sunset.

15. Kathrin Bussmann (@KathrinBussmann)

When she’s not consulting for her company, Verbaccino, Kathrin Bussmann interviews top global marketing professionals on her podcast, The Worldly Marketer. Her Twitter feed, where she posts new podcast episodes, is the place to keep up with big names in the industry. Bussmann has interviewed not only Donna and Anna mentioned above, but also experts like HubSpot VP of International Operations Nataly Kelly, Inkrea.se CEO Anne-Marie Colliander Lind and Women in Localization UK Chapter Manager Jessica Rathke—all of whom are well worth following, too.


We thought of many more Twitter accounts to follow, of course (you didn’t think we forgot our own, did you?) but the above will get you started. If we missed one that you think should have made the top 15, drop the handle in the comments below—and don’t forget to follow us for blog updates.