What about Sales? [Podcast]
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What about Sales? [Podcast]

What about Sales? [Podcast]

No one in the localization business needs to be told language services can be hard to sell — regardless of whether you’re selling to a highly knowledgeable prospect or someone who knows nothing whatsoever about translation.

But like localization itself, selling is a process that involves much more than most people think. It’s far from easy, and no matter how good any LSP’s skills may be, unless someone actually buys your services, nothing is going to happen.

GloballySpeakingAlbumArt.pngIn the 10th episode of the Globally Speaking podcast, our hosts, Renato Beninatto and Michael Stevens, dig deep into their sales experience and discuss the ins and outs of the sales process — including lessons learned — particularly from an LSP’s perspective.

Topics covered include:

  • The most important skill required to make a sale.
  • The need to understand the buyer’s journey.
  • The difference between price and cost.
  • How to sell to experienced and inexperienced buyers.
  • How the web has changed the sales cycle.
  • Why it’s critical for salespeople to get in front of prospects.

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For additional resources, two excellent books on selling are:


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