What Does It Mean to Be Truly Global? [Podcast]
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What Does It Mean to Be Truly Global? [Podcast]

What Does It Mean to Be Truly Global? [Podcast]

While expanding into multiple foreign markets brings a new set of opportunities, it also leads to a wide variety of challenges — one of which is how to localize in ways that truly define a global-centric enterprise. But what’s the difference between companies that merely localize their content and those who truly globalize their communications and marketing programs?

Globally Speaking RadioIn this episode of the Globally Speaking podcast, we talk with author and globalization professional, Anna Schlegel. She shares her experiences helping companies establish a global footprint, and highlights how she learned to bridge the gap between localization teams and C-level decision makers. 

Topics covered include:

  • Why companies need a globalization roadmap
  • How companies determine into which languages to localize
  • How to elevate the role of localization within an enterprise
  • The importance of adding localization to the “business conversation”
  • How to approach globalization strategically vs. tactically

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About Anna Schlegel

Anna is the senior director of globalization and information engineering for San Francisco-based NetApp. She is also the author of Truly Global: The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets, and co-founder of the organization, “Women in Localization”.


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