What Makes a World-Class Global Marketing Professional? [Podcast]
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What Makes a World-Class Global Marketing Professional? [Podcast]

What Makes a World-Class Global Marketing Professional? [Podcast]

With technology making it easier than ever to distribute products all over the world, the marketing and localization industries share a critical bond. Digital marketing professionals must have a strong sense of the cultural norms, symbols, values, and perspectives of the people they are working to reach.

Unfortunately, not all marketing professionals have an understanding of globalization and localization. Coursework at the university level tends to be siloed, and companies are spending less time and resources to create truly effective global marketers.

GloballySpeakingAlbumArt.pngIn this episode of Globally Speaking, Dr. Nitish Singh, an associate professor at St. Louis University, explains the educational divide between digital marketing and localization. He also discusses whether certification is necessary or real-world experience is enough to bridge the gap between global marketers and LSPs.

Topics covered include:

  • Why a siloed approach to education doesn’t provide marketing professionals with the skills they need.
  • The need to combine theory with real-word skills.
  • The value of certification in digital marketing and localization.
  • The benefits of the Brand2Global conference
  • Why localization professionals need to think beyond translation.

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