What You’re Reading: Moravia’s Top Blog Posts So Far in 2015
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What You’re Reading: Moravia’s Top Blog Posts So Far in 2015

What You’re Reading: Moravia’s Top Blog Posts So Far in 2015

Moravia Blog - Best Content First Quarter 2015

Doing more with less. Getting it right the first time. Learning from your peers. Our blog audience has spoken, and those themes stand out in our list of the top blog posts so far in 2015.

Did you catch all these headlines when they first came out? Did your favorite posts make the list? If not, please share in comments below!

MT_Post-Editing_Is_Not_As_Important_As_You_Think_BlogMachine Translation Post-Editing Is Not As Important As You Think

Microsoft’s Chris Wendt argues that a post-publishing post-editing process is the better way to MT. Here’s why.


Katerina_Janku_Moravia_Blog_2Why the First 25 Years of Moravia Were Just a Great Beginning

Back in February, we were delighted that Clarion acquired a majority interest in Moravia. Here’s why we’ve taken this step and what you can expect from Moravia moving forward. Continue reading.


Cloud-Based_Translation_Management_System_Blog_3Machine Translation Pre-Editing To Boost Output Quality

If you use Machine Translation (MT), post-editing is not the only human intervention that you can implement. There is another kid in town: pre-editing. Continue reading.


BiDi_101_A_Bidirectional_Language_Crash_Course_for_Globalization_Pros_BlogBiDi 101: A Bidirectional Language Crash Course for Globalization Pros

Grasping bidirectional languages is key to reaching 600+ million people. This series covers core BiDi concepts and challenges for localization pros. Take the course.


Ten_Career-Stifling_Blunders_of_Translation_Rookies_BlogTen Career-Stifling Blunders of Translation Rookies

Busy translators have language skills, business-savvy, and a commitment to the profession. Avoid these 10 pitfalls for translation career success. Continue reading.


Translators_Without_Borders22 Million Words Later — Translators without Borders Builds for the Future

2014 was the year of building for Translators without Borders. Here’s why.


Cloud-Based_Translation_Management_System_BlogThe Top Requirements of ANY Cloud-Based Translation Management System

Cost and time-to-market considerations demand translation automation, but not all tools are right for the job. Let’s discuss the basics.


Best_Practices_in_Translation__Localization_Program_ManagementBest Practices in Translation & Localization Program Management

How do top global firms sidestep localization challenges that cripple their competitors, and what best practices can you adopt from these giants? Continue reading.


House_of_Cards_Goes_to_CubaHouse of Cards Goes to Cuba! But Will Netflix Have to Leave Localization Behind?

Analysts say that Netflix’s ambitious growth plan may mean translation and localization cannot play a part. Are they right or wrong?


Nike_and_Adidas_SEO_BlogMultilingual SEO Face-Off: How Nike & Adidas Got It Right and Wrong

Search Engine Land’s Chris Liversidge shows us how even the world’s best brands can win and lose search users through multilingual search engine optimization. Continue reading.


Bringing_Home_the_Gold_With_Localization_Centralization_BlogBringing Home the Gold With Localization Centralization

Yesterday’s localization model bears little resemblance to today’s. So what must you do to harness the power of a centralized localization program? Continue reading.

Why_You_Might_Need_Help_Selecting_a_TMS_BlogWhy You Might Need Help Selecting a TMS

When it comes to buying TMS tools, it’s too easy to make bad choices, waste money and constrain future options. Here’s how to get it right.