Why Moravians Believe in the Women in Localization Organization
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Why Moravians Believe in the Women in Localization Organization

Moravians have been active in Women in Localization for years now, benefiting in myriad ways: networking, mentorship, job opportunities and education. But why is Women in Localization—a growing organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the localization industry—important to Moravians? What drives our commitment to the organization?

It’s simple: we believe in the power of women’s contributions to the industry. We want to grow their knowledge and expertise. We know that the industry as a whole is made better by networking and personal connections.

I spoke with one committed member of Women in Localization: Victoria Haïk, an Engagement Manager for various clients in the Silicon Valley. She has been involved for three years and had lots to share about her experience with the organization.

Victoria told me that Women in Localization has been great for networking. The organization provides a friendly, nurturing environment for women to meet others, learn and evolve professionally. She said that when she first began going to events, she didn’t know a soul. “That’s very hard—not knowing anyone. But people are very friendly. It’s easy. You feel like you can approach any group in the room.”

It has been impactful for career building. At one point in Victoria’s career, she was ready to explore other localization opportunities but didn’t know anyone in the industry. A friend suggested she go to a Women in Localization event. At the first event she attended, she told me that everyone brought laptops, separated into groups, opened their LinkedIn profiles and gave each other feedback. Her improved profile led companies to reach out to her and that’s how she got her job with Moravia.

In addition, there is a mentorship program. Victoria is a contributor willing to share her experience and expertise with younger professionals or people new to localization. In one example of mentorship, she participated in a session where students asked questions and sought advice in small group settings. She has also talked with advice-seekers one on one.

It’s also possible to gain work experience through Women in Localization connections. At one Women in Localization event, Box spoke about how they were localizing their platform but had done nothing in Chinese yet. Two students from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies asked if they could do the project themselves to gain expertise and academic credit. These women completed the project (at no cost to Box), gained much-needed work experience, and in the end, one was hired by Moravia. This was only possible through their Women in Localization connections.

And lastly, Victoria says members enjoy and benefit from the educational component: talks on things like bi-di localization, how to communicate with engineering about making products localization friendly and how and why to shift localization upstream in the product development and localization lifecycles.

The benefits to the group’s 4,500 members in 16 locations are vast. Moravia will continue to sponsor and support Women in Localization events so that women can build networks, receive education, gain expertise and contribute excellence to the industry.


We’re proud to be the Gold Sponsor for their 10-Year Anniversary Party in Burlingame, California, on October 5th, hosted by the Silicon Valley chapter. (In lieu of purchasing tickets, Women in Localization asked attendees to provide donations to Translators without Borders, an organization providing humanitarian translations worldwide that Moravia has long supported.)