RWS Rizhao Branch Moving Celebration

RWS Rizhao Branch Moving Celebration

On 12 December 2018, a moving celebration between RWS China and Qufu Normal University Joint Culture Base was held at the RWS Rizhao office.

Rizhao Branch 1

Seniors from RWS and the Translation School of Qufu Normal University (QNU) attended a simple, but warm, ribbon-cutting ceremony of the company’s new site. Dean Lu of QNU said that the university has cooperated with RWS for more than eight years and it has been an extraordinary journey with many great achievements. It is expected that the developments from RWS and the Rizhao branch will continue to accelerate and that the construction of the joint culture base will continue to grow. Victor Wang, the CEO of RWS China, said that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the RWS and the 12th anniversary of the establishment of RWS China. As a member of RWS China, we are currently experiencing a historical period of opportunity. RWS China is looking forward to working together and helping China integrate into the world, adding value to RWS as a whole.

Rizhao Branch 2

Rizhao Branch 3

Left 5  Victor WANG  CEO, RWS China

Left 4  Jennifer ZHENG  Managing Director, RWS Rizhao

Left 3  Freya WANG  Director of Training & QA, RWS China

Left 2  Yixin QI  Manager of Administration, RWS China

Left 1  Carole ZHU  Manager of Finance, RWS China

Right 5  Professor Weizhong LU  Dean, School of Translation Studies, QNU

Right 4  Professor Yun XIA  Deputy Dean (English), STS, QNU

Right 3  Professor Xiaokai SONG  Deputy Dean (Japanese), STS, QNU

Right 1  Professor Jiaoshao XU  Director of MTI, STS, QNU


To further promote the construction of the RWS-QNU Joint Culture Base, a seminar between seniors from both sides was held in the new office. Jennifer Zheng, the Managing Director of RWS Rizhao branch reported the recent developments of RWS Group and RWS China. Dean Lu informed about the construction of the college’s recent internship base and the practice of internship. The results achieved and also the problems encountered in the operation of the provincial joint culture base in the last year were sorted out. Both sides agree that joint efforts will be further made to build a premium school-enterprise cooperation model base in China, with the core mission of cultivating professionals in the field of intellectual property and legal business language service. In-depth talks were conducted on five major topics which are management system, teaching resources, training system, practice and full-time internship.

Rizhao Branch 4

Rizhao Branch 5


In the evening, all RWS Rizhao staff came together and held a celebration party. In an easy atmosphere, all staff enjoyed a lot and showed their limitless passion and vitality by singing songs and playing interactive competition games. Everyone received a beautiful gift together with the best new year wish from the company.

Rizhao Branch 6

Rizhao Branch 7

RWS Rizhao Branch’s move is a significant milestone witnessed the rapid business development of RWS China. The clean and comfortable office environment, bright and modern office conditions greatly motivated the staff and make them feel more confident with the future development of both the company and their career.

Rizhao Branch 9

Entrance & Logo Wall

Rizhao Branch 9

Hall for Translation team

Rizhao Branch 10

Separate rooms for functional departments

Rizhao Branch 11

Meeting Room

Rizhao Branch 12

Training Room

Rizhao Branch 13

Bar Area