RWS’s Attendance at the 10th China Translation Profession Forum

RWS’s Attendance at the 10th China Translation Profession Forum

On 21 April 2018, RWS China was invited to attend the 10th China Translation Profession Forum. In the “Integration and Innovation of Industry-University-Research in the New Era” forum, Jennifer ZHENG, Deputy Managing Director of RWS China, delivered a speech about “Exploration and Achievements of Talents Culturing in Vertical Fields of Language Services.” Discussing various industry topics including talent gap, translators’ competency model and talent development programs. Jennifer discussed the way RWS is partnering with different universities to plan and improve the MTI education and practices for the IP industry.

Speaker at China Translation Profession Forum


As a global leader in multilingual language services, RWS is committed to providing high-quality language service solutions to customers around the world and in the fields of IP, life sciences and localization. Also, RWS is actively recruiting and investing in talent and training in its expert areas. RWS’s university-enterprise cooperation has won unanimous recognition by its participants, many of whom wished to explore further opportunities for cooperation.

CTPF — China Translation Profession Forum

The China Translation Profession Forum is a nationwide annual conference that combines “Industry, University and Research” initiated by Boya Translation and Culture Salon. Since its inaugural event, at Peking University in 2009, the conference has received extensive recognition from universities, language service companies and industry clients. The “Bona Mare Cultural Salon for Translation” is a high-end translation and culture salon. Its aim is to gather the leaders of translation both in China and abroad to provide insight into the dynamics of the translation industry, to draw attention to both translation education and the translation industry and to promote positive developments with respect to the translation field in China.