The New Year Brings New Fees at the USPTO

2014 will usher in a new fee schedule for the US Patent and Trademark Office. Luckily, that pounding headache and nausea you might experience on January 1, 2014 won’t be a result of higher patent and trademark fees. In fact, some of the fees have actually been lowered. Generally speaking, most of the fees will remain the same, but here are some of the more notable changes.

  • Many post-allowance fees have been reduced or eliminated. The table below outlines the fee changes for a normal entity applicant.
USPTO fee table
  • The new fee schedule will also eliminate the fees for a petition to revive an unavoidably abandoned application and a petition to revive an unintentionally abandoned application, which were $1900 and $1420, respectively. Instead, there will be a new fee to file a petition for revival of an abandoned application for patent, for the delayed payment of the fee for issuing each patent, or for the delayed response by the patent owner in any reexamining proceeding, which will be $1700.
  • The $1420 fee for acceptance of an unintentionally delayed claim for priority, or for filing a request for the restoration of the right of priority, will be replaced with a $1700 fee for a petition for the delayed submission of a priority or benefit claim, or to restore the right of priority or benefit.

View the current and new USPTO fee schedules on the USPTO’s website


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