Top 5: Recycling Patents
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Top 5: Recycling Patents

Reduce, reuse, and recycle! The 3 ‘Rs’ are a popular catchphrase when it comes to being environmentally conscious. This week, we’re taking a look at a few patents focused on recycling.

1) Portable Compost Container

Turning food waste into fertilizer is a common practice for gardeners. An easily portable container is ideal for when compost has to be moved.

2) Water Recycle System

As of now, water is treated at a municipal plant and is part of a greater system that collects from and distributes water to multiple households. This patent is for a closed domestic system which features filters and a disinfection unit, among other necessities, to create “recycled” potable water for a singular household.

3) Reverse Vending Machine

Bottle deposit machines were pretty popular in the ’90s as a recycling initiative — the plastic bottles were counted and customers would get their bottle deposit back. It wasn’t uncommon to see people with bags full of bottles for recycling. And the machines would tear the plastic into strips to be reused later.

4) System and Method for Cleaning, Processing, and Recycling Materials 

While this patented system tends to focus on disposable diapers, the technology involved can be usedon other plastics and disposables as well.

5) Degradable/Compostable Concentrates, Process for Making Degradable/Compostable Packaging

Having compostable materials like packaging helps to reduce waste.  This patent covers the process to make those materials safe to degrade into the soil/Earth.