Top 5: Sleep Patents
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Top 5: Sleep Patents

It’s said the average person spends about 25 years, or 1/3 of their lifetime sleeping. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up sleep-related patents for a good night’s sleep.

1) Multi-layer Multi-Material Foam Mattress

Different material mattresses provide different levels of sleep comfort. Foam is popular nowadays as it conforms to your body shape.

2) Anti-Snoring Devicesleeppatent

If you’ve ever shared a room with someone who snores, you know how disruptive it can be. This nasal cavity device helps to compress air and create an airway for easy breathing while sleeping.

3) Face Pillow

This patented pillow is designed for people who have a tendency to sleep on their face. A gap is created in the pillow when the sleeper’s cheeks push two cylinders apart, allowing for access to air.

4) Apparatus for the Treatment of Sleep Apnea

This patented device helps to detect and monitor a patient’s sleep condition and help treat apnea with stimulation signals.

5) Water bed

A novelty item more than an actual bed, this patented waterbed from the ’80s has independent chambers that can be filled as opposed to one big chamber.