Top Foreign Filing Blog Articles for 2010

We’re now officially entering that “List” time of the year, when everyone is counting down something.  As such, we’ve put together a handy reference post to direct you to our most-read foreign filing blog articles for 2010:

10.  Various Countries, Various Claims Issues – we break down the types of claim amendments and additions that can be made from country to country.

9. EPO: Changes to Multiple Independent Claims Practice – a brief summary of the 1 April 2010 changes to European rules.

8. When to Add Multiple Dependent Claims? – including multiple dependencies when initially filing the PCT application might reduce your / your client’s costs in the long run…

7. The Patent Prosecution Highway: PCT Ally or Enemy? – if the PPH is successful, it might ironically have the effect of speeding up a belief in genuine work-sharing at the PCT level.

6. Where to Enter the National Phase (part I of III) – we point out a few factors you should think about when making the decision.

5. Saving Money with Co-Pending PCT Applications – in some cases it can make good financial sense to let co-pending PCT applications lapse.

4. PCT Applications – Top National Stage Countries for 2009 – China overtook Europe for the first time in our foreign filing history in 2009.

3. Seven Ideas for Reducing Foreign Filing Costs – the first of the series of blog posts to offer cost-saving tips.

2. Minimize Costs When Instructing Patent Attorneys – gentle reminders to help avoid surprises.

and the most-read Foreign Filing Blog post in 2010 was (…drum roll sounding…):

1. PCT National Phase Entry Deadlines – no one wants to miss a deadline!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone – we wish you a healthy, happy and innovative 2011!


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