Top National Stage Entry Countries for 2010, By Industry

In an earlier blog post, we ranked our clients’ top national stage entry countries for 2010.  Here, we break down the top countries by industry type. 



1.  China

2.  Brazil

3.  Canada

4.  India

5.  Japan



1.  Japan

2.  China, South Korea

4.  Europe

5.  Australia, India



1.  Canada

2.  Australia, Japan

4.  China

5.  Brazil



1.  Canada

2.  Brazil

3.  Australia, India

5.  China



1.  Europe

2.  Australia, China

4.  Canada

5.  Korea


Click here for information on the top national stage countries for 2009, by industry.  We saw Europe drop substantially this year in terms of filings by the Mechanical/Engineering and Pharmaceutical/Biotech industries!  Japan also was less popular among our clients’ filing destinations, in particular among Pharma/Biotech and IT/Software/Media companies.  Stay tuned as we do some further research on filing destinations as part of our US IP trends survey for 2011.

In the meantime, if you have PCT applications entering the national phase in 2011,  feel free to create an account (free and obligation-free) on the inovia website, where you can run a “1-click” quote for national stage entry into 80+ countries. 


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