Top National Stage Entry Countries for 2011

Happy New Year everyone! It’s become an annual tradition for us to take a look back at the top national phase filing destinations for our clients from the past year.

inovia was ranked the top PCT national phase filing firm in the US (and third in the world) last year by Managing Intellectual Property magazine. Here’s where our clients filed their applications in 2011:
1. China – 12%
2. India – 10%
3. Japan, Brazil and Canada – 8% each
4. Australia and Europe – 7%
5. Russia and South Korea – 6% each
6. Mexico – 5%
7. *USA – 4%

<4% – Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand, Israel (each 2%)

[*Note that roughly 75% of our clientele and/or their outside counsel are US-based entities, so the US itself ranks lower as a foreign filing destination.]

A few interesting developments arise when comparing these statistics with those of 2010. China retains its position as the top filing destination for our clients, holding steady at 12%. India experienced a significant jump in 2011 from 4th to 2nd place (8% vs 10%), a good sign of its improving IP laws and emergence as an important market and innovation/manufacturing center. For the second year in a row, European filings have declined (a reflection of the high filing and prosecution costs in the EPO perhaps?).

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