Update on the Unitary EU Patent

Managing Intellectual Property published an important update this week regarding the proposed EU unitary patent.

The EU Competitiveness Council met this week in Brussels. One key topic for discussion was the location of the unified patent court, which has been hotly debated with France, Germany and UK all vying to host the court.

However, at the end of the meeting there was no agreement on the location of the court, which seems to be the one lingering issue preventing the viability of the unified patent.

The topic will be discussed again at the meeting of the European Council in Brussels on June 28-29. The end of June marks the end of the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, so if the issue is not resolved then, it looks unlikely that it will be resolved in the near future. The presidency passes to Cyprus next, which is not expected to prioritize the patent plans.

In an earlier article, Managing IP stated that there were indications that Paris seemed a likely compromise for the location of the court. The European Patent Office is headquartered in Germany, opening it up for opposition, and the UK is viewed as an expensive jurisdiction.

To follow the news as it develops, visit Managing IP’s European Union update page.


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