US IP Trends for 2011 and Global Patenting Strategies

Earlier today, our Senior Patent Attorney Jeffrey Shieh presented the findings from our U.S. 2011 Global Patent and IP Trends Indicator as part of an online webcast presented by You can replay the 23-min webcast from the IP channel on

Jeff covered the highlights of our 2011 research findings, including:

1. IP Budgets and 2010 in Review – 60% of respondents are working on a reduced IP budget going into 2011.

2. Foreign Filing and Global Outlook – patentees are becoming more selective about where to file each application, with the average number of countries down to 5.9 in 2010 (from 6.6 in our 2009 survey results).

3. Top Filing Destinations – Europe was still the top filing destination for US respondents’ 10 year horizon, but China overtook Japan as the #2 target jurisdiction.

4. Unified European Patent – a resounding 88% of respondents favor a unified system.

5. Workflow Changes – many IP teams took steps in-house in 2010, negotiated with outside counsel or took other creative steps to “do more with less” last year.

You can also download the IP Trends Indicator itself to read the full results.


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