USPTO Launches New Tool for Small Businesses and Individuals

The United States Patent & Trademark Office recently launched a new resource designed to assist small businesses and individuals with their intellectual property needs. Called the“IP Awareness Assessment,”this online tool helps enterprises identify their IP assets and then provides the appropriate educational materials.

The IP Awareness Assessment consists of 62 questions regarding your business’ services, products and practices. A shorter, less detailed version of this assessment is also available. Based on your answers, the tool will then identify the IP topics (patents, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, etc.) relevant to your business along with links for training resources.

Having played around with the IP Awareness Assessment, I can see the usefulness of this tool. Many businesses recognize that they have “something” when it comes to their intellectual property. They just don’t know how to figure out what that “something” is. This tool is a great first step.

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