WIPO Launches IP Advantage Database

Following the recent launch of WIPO Lex, WIPO announces the launch of IP Advantage

IP Advantage is an online database compiling the IP experiences of inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs and corporations. Developed by WIPO’s Communications Division and the WIPO Japan Office, IP Advantage seeks to “promote a better understanding of how IP is created and protected, and how inventors, creators and society at large benefit from the IP system.”

Visitors can focus their inquiry based on object of protection, instrument of protection, focus, global challenges, organization type, industry and country/territory. Additionally, IP Advantage also offers a keyword search of its database.  Based on the selected criteria, IP Advantage then directs the visitor to the relevant articles and case studies. 

It’s great to see WIPO making these technology strides to promote the IP system and educate the interested public.


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