WIPO Launches Pilot Program Targeting Green Technologies

On November 28, 2013, WIPO launched a pilot program known as “WIPO Green.”  The platform was initiated to accelerate the development of green technologies and connect groups with similar goals and innovations.  This database matches owners of environmentally friendly technologies with companies seeking to license and distribute these technologies.  

The main goals of this initiative is to help in the search for solutions to climate change challenges and improve the access to environmentally sound technologies (ESTs).  According to WIPO, this includes two components: 

(1) The WIPO GREEN database which users can access to:

  • make available their green technologies for licensing or partnership agreements;
  • enter their technology needs;
  • search for technologies and needs.

(2) The WIPO GREEN network to:

  • obtain advice and services to assist transactions;
  • connect with experts worldwide from industry, university, governments, intergovernmental organizations and non governmental organizations.

This initiative is relevant and important to many inovia users.  As more  Energy and Green Tech industries file internationally, there is a growing demand for a knowledge base like WIPO GREEN.  In 2013, the top filing countries by Green Technology industries were China, Europe, United States, India and Japan. 

The success of this database hinges on the active participation of users.  As WIPO reiterates, “the greater number of users of the platform there are, the greater will be the chances of successfully matching technology providers with technology seekers to resolve environmental challenges.”

We encourage our readers to participate in this new database and visit the website for more information, WIPO GREEN.  As always, please also follow us on Twitter for more information relating to foreign patent filing.


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