WIPO Releases New PCT Video Series

We are excited to share with you the next two installments of WIPO’s new YouTube series, “Learn the PCT”.  These short segments educate inventors and applicants on the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the steps one must take to gain patent protection in various countries.  To view the first two episodes, please check out our previous post here.

For your consideration, we have included the third and fourth episodes below.  In episode 3, Matthias Reischle, Deputy Director of the PCT Legal Division, discusses what elements must make up an application  in order for it to be considered.  Among many other things, this includes translations, claims, request forms, drawings, the summary of claimed invention, and more.  In episode 4, he talks about the benefits of declarations and describes how these may be used to anticipate national stage requirements.

Episode 3 – Filing Applications 

Episode 4 – Declarations under Rule 4.17

For more information on filing your PCT at the national stage, check out our website.


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