WIPO Releases New PCT Video Series

We have included the next two episodes of WIPO’s latest video series, “Learn the PCT” for your consideration below.  These short segments educate inventors and applicants on various PCT processes.  To learn more, please check out our previous posts here: Part 1 & Part 2

In episode 5, Matthias Reischle, Deputy Director of the PCT Legal Division, discusses the role of agents and common representatives under the PCT.  In episode 6, he talks about what a priority claim is and how to make priority claims in an international application. 

Episode 5: Representation of PCT Applicants


Episode 6:  Priority Claims and Priority Documents

Please be sure to check back soon for the next two episodes in this WIPO series .  As always, for more information on filing your PCT at the national phase, visit out our website or follow us on Twitter!


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