WIPO’s May PCT Newsletter Recap

Good afternoon. We have compiled a list of highlights from WIPO’s PCT newsletter, a popular resource for IP professionals and patent applicants looking to stay updated on changes related to the PCT system. Please see a recap from May’s edition below:

PCT Working Group – The ninth session of the PCT Working Group was held in Geneva on May 17 – May 20th. Discussions included:

  1. Agreed changes to the PCT Regulations – The Group agreed to forward a number of proposed amendments to the PCT Regulations to the Assembly of the International Patent Cooperation Union (PCT Assembly) for approval at its session in October 2016:
    • the deadline for requesting supplementary international search would be extended from 19 to 22 months from the priority date of the international application.
    • two incompatibility provisions where all notifications had been withdrawn would be deleted.
  2. Electronic Services – The Working Group noted the following documents relating to the development of electronic services:
    • document setting out priorities for the development of ePCT, including the launch of a new look in 2016.
    • document highlighting the potential of the WIPO CASE system to share info on search and examination regarding applications between Offices.
    • report on a pilot program at the EPO to implement eSearchCopy for the electronic transmittal of search copies via the IB.
  3. Training of Examiners – The Working Group discussed the results of a survey regarding the training of substantive patent examiners and approved a set of recommendations for further work by the IB. The follow up of the survey will include efforts by the IB to increase the transparency of the training provided by Offices, encourage Offices to provide more training activities and more.

To download the complete report, click here.


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