WIPO’s Notable PCT Inventions
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WIPO’s Notable PCT Inventions

WIPO’s PCT Notable Inventions

What do Google, the Magic Eraser and the inovia platform have in common? The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) named them as Notable PCT inventions. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) has been one of the most accessible methods for applicants to protect their patents internationally for the last 40 years. When filing one patent application under the PCT, applicants can seek protection in all the 152 contracting states. WIPO named several notable inventions that were filed using the PCT, see our favorites below!

Translucent Concrete: WO 03/097954

Translucent Concrete is made by incorporating glass optical fibers the thickness of a hair into traditional concrete. Áron Losonczi, a Hungarian architect, realized that by incorporating the glass fibers into concrete he created a material that looks, feels and behaves like concrete but that allows shadows and objects to show through. He called his invention LiTraCon, short for Light-Transmitting Concrete. The new material quickly won the attention of the media and architecture firms worldwide, appealing as it is both stronger than glass and translucent[1]. Now, the material can be seen in a number of buildings around the world, most notably Europe Gate in Hungary.

Segway® Human Transporter: WO 00/75001

The Segway is a self-balancing electric transportation device controlled by the motions of the rider[2]. Dean Kamen, the inventor, describes it as having ‘a gyroscope that acts like your inner ear, a computer that acts like your brain, motors that act like your muscles and wheels that act like your feet’[3]. Whilst the success of the Segway wasn’t quite what Kamen was hoping for, his vision of Segways inspiring more efficiently built cities may be something that we see in the future. In the meantime,  Segway tours and the use of Segways by park rangers and police officers are widely popular and novel, even though the invention is coming up to 18 years old.

Patenting the PCT: inovia WO 02/37344

inovia is the industry’s most powerful foreign filing platform, reducing both the cost and complexity of PCT National Phase Entry, European Validation and Direct Filing. Justin Simpson created the platform (originally called PCTFILER) in 2000 when he noticed that the system of patent filing was time consuming and expensive. inovia’s patented process typically saves patent filers and attorneys 25-50% in costs and up to 70% of administration time with the sophisticated technology.

Here at RWS, we are proud that inovia was named as one of WIPO’s notable PCT inventions and that the platform has made patent filing easier to process and manage for our many customers worldwide. To get your free quote today, go to www.inovia.com!



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