CEO of RWS Visits the IPPH of China

On 2nd March Mr. Richard Thompson, CEO of RWS, visited the Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH) of China. The CEO of IPPH, Mr. Zhu Mingang and the division heads, Ms. Shen Chuan and Mr. Hu Xinhua, attended the meeting.

During the visit they discussed a number of important topics including RWS’s most recent acquisition of Moravia and Article One Partners. RWS and IPPH agreed that greater cooperation on patent data purchasing, IP events, patent database product sales, business channel cooperation, and life sciences could prove to be beneficial. The meeting helped to strengthen the relationship between the organizations.

The visit ended with Chinese Lantern Festival wishes from IPPH. On behalf of RWS, Mr. Richard Thompson expressed his Chinese Lantern Festival wishes and sincere thanks to Mr. Zhu and his team for their hospitality.