Call for papers

Share your story at our online conference in May 2023

The theme for this year’s ELEVATE is “Translate Everything”.
For years the localization industry has grown through increased customer demand. Recent trends indicate that customers want more translation than ever before, which is why translation professionals are being challenged to translate all content. To succeed we need to figure out how to do this.

We are inviting individuals and companies to share an inspiring, thought-provoking 20-minute presentation or case study at ELEVATE which supports the ‘Translate Everything’ theme. In addition, we would be happy to receive any proposals demonstrating how Trados has helped drive translator productivity, supported collaboration between translation stakeholders or facilitated the management of your translation projects. 

We also encourage you to share this call for papers with your colleagues and peers who may be interested in participating.

Presentation requirements 

  • Choose a short, catchy title that reflects the session content
  • Provide a detailed, clear synopsis 
  • If you propose a case study, we are looking for one that includes Trados, ideas that can be implemented, and describes solving a business problem or challenge 
  • Avoid a sales pitch
  • If you are a partner, include a customer to co-present with you 

Submit your proposal for ELEVATE

Please send through details of your proposal, which should be a 20-minute session delivered in English, no later than 7 April 2023.

If your proposal is accepted, your session at ELEVATE will provide you and your organization with valuable exposure and recognition within the Trados community and wider translation industry.