The computer hardware industry is growing rapidly

When it comes to business expansion in a competitive industry, your product needs to stand out. The more content you provide in a local language, focused on the needs of the local market, the greater the engagement you will get with local audiences and the higher sales you will achieve.
Computer Hardware

2 billion

Computers in active use*
Computer Hardware

$705 billion

Annual spending on IT devices**
Computer Hardware


Compound Annual Growth Rate***

Our five-step guide to going global

Computer Hardware

Research your target markets

Timing can be crucial when launching computer hardware. Each country and geographical region has major holidays at different times of the year. Make sure you promote your products when buyers are incentivized to buy.
Research your target markets
Assess your marketing and sales collateral
Decide on your localization model
Practise continuous localization
Standardize the process and centralize your linguistic data

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