Passolo 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Passolo 2022

How do I purchase Passolo 2022?

Existing Passolo customers with an active SMA (support and maintenance agreement) receive a free upgrade to Passolo 2022. This can be downloaded from your RWS Account. 
Existing Passolo customers who don’t have an active SMA can purchase an upgrade from Passolo 2018 or 2016 by contacting their Account Manager.  
New Passolo customers can purchase Passolo 2022: 
  • By contacting Sales (if you are an LSP or Corporation)
  • Or by contacting your Local Authorized Reseller (if you are an LSP or Corporation

How do I upgrade to Passolo 2022?

You can upgrade and take advantage of special upgrade pricing when moving from Passolo 2018 or Passolo 2016. Moving from Passolo 2015 and earlier versions requires you to purchase a new Passolo 2022 license. 
The upgrade process is the same for all users owning a Passolo Professional, Team or Collaboration Edition. 
If you already have Passolo 2018 or 2016 and you upgrade to Passolo 2022, you need to: 
1. Deactivate your current Passolo 2018 or 2016 license 
  • Go on to your Passolo application 
  • Click on Help > Product Activation > Deactivate 
2. Upgrade your license from your RWS Account
  • Login to your RWS Account and go to the Licenses section.
  • On the left-hand side, you should see "Upgrades" available, marked with a yellow arrow icon. Click on the icon and you will be able to see the Upgrades page. 
  • Click on the Upgrade button to process the license upgrade. If you have several licenses, please bear in mind you need to choose the number of user licenses that you wish to upgrade. 
  • A new licensing code will be generated.  
3. Copy the new licensing code and paste it into the Passolo 2022 application to activate it. 
Passolo 2022 Translator Edition is free for all translators, so you can download and install this side-by-side with a previous version if required. You can download Passolo 2022 Translator Edition for free from our website here

When I upgrade, can I have Passolo 2022 installed alongside older versions of the software?

This will vary depending on what version you are upgrading from: 
  • If your original license was for Passolo 2016 and you want to retain both versions, you should consider purchasing a full license instead of an upgrade. 
  • If your original license was for Passolo 2018, you will be able to run Passolo 2018 and Passolo 2022 on the same machine, as the license for Passolo 2022 is a 'compound license'. For this to work, you will need to update Passolo 2018 to CU14 or higher, and it will then accept your new Passolo 2022 license.
  • If your original license was for the free Passolo 2018 Translator Edition, you can install the free Passolo 2022 Translator Edition side-by-side with a previous version, if required. 

*CU stands for cumulative update. At RWS we are constantly reviewing and improving our products and release enhancements and hotfixes as and when required. These are bundled into cumulative updates that are installed automatically using the AutoUpdate functionality in Passolo. You will be notified automatically by the software when a cumulative update is available. For a full list of enhancements and fixes for Passolo 2018 SR1 to date, please click here.

Are Passolo 2022 projects compatible with older versions of Passolo?

There is no backward compatibility for Passolo. However, customers with Passolo 2018 can run this alongside Passolo 2022 and will not need two separate licenses to do this. This will help with the migration process.

Can you provide a list of compatible file types for Passolo 2022?

You can find a list of all compatible file types for Passolo 2022 in our technical documentation here.

Which translation collaboration and management solutions does Passolo 2022 work with?

Passolo 2022 is compatible with Trados GroupShare 2017 and Trados GroupShare 2020 (on-premise), plus Trados Team and Trados Enterprise (cloud).  
When working with our on-premise solutions, we recommend using the latest released version of Trados GroupShare 2020.  
For details on the latest releases, see our Knowledge Base for Trados GroupShare 2020, the RWS Community page for Trados Team, and the RWS Community page for Trados Enterprise.

Does Passolo 2022 support .NET 6.0 framework?

Microsoft has recently introduced their next generation platform, .NET 6.0, providing a new unified cross-platform programming framework that can support the development of applications for desktop, web and mobile. This simplifies things significantly for developers as they can now work with a common set of APIs, on a single .NET runtime and framework that can be used everywhere and that offers uniform runtime behaviours and developer experiences.  
To support this move, Passolo 2022 has been updated to support .NET 6.0 alongside the previous .NET 4.8 platform. This should provide peace of mind to both users that wish to start working with this new framework immediately, as well as for those that plan to continue working on older generations. Customers can transition to this new .NET framework and adapt their localization processes at their own pace and rest assured, RWS will be there to support them every step of the way. 

Will older versions of Passolo be supported by RWS?

Passolo 2022 is the fully supported release of Passolo. 
RWS continues to support Passolo 2018 as the limited support release. 
Engineering and technical support for Passolo 2016 will end on 30th June 2022. 
Passolo 2015 and 2011 are in a retired state and no longer supported. RWS does not provide technical assistance, issue service packs or hotfixes for retired releases. 

What are the system requirements for Passolo 2022?

Passolo 2022 runs on:
  • A Microsoft Windows compatible PC such as Windows 10 and 11 (including Intel-based Apple Mac computers with Windows as the operating system) with 2 gigahertz (GHz) or higher, 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor and 4 GB RAM (32-bit) or 8 GB RAM (64-bit). For optimum performance on 64-bit operating systems, RWS recommends a recent processor with dual or multi-core technology, 8 GB RAM and a screen resolution higher than 1280x1024. 
  • A screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels and 256 colours or more. 
  • As a minimum requirement, we recommend 4 GB of available disk space.  
  • Up to 1.5 GB of available disk space to run the Passolo installer.