How to establish true Enterprise Terminology Management
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In an interactive, interview-style discussion, Klaus Fleischmann, CEO at Kaleidoscope, discusses with one of our customers, Markus Umundum, Documentation Manager at Sandvik Mining and Construction in Austria, the challenges a company can face without a state-of-the-art enterprise terminology management system — and how to address them.
The session focuses on these questions:  
  • What problems do you run into without terminology management? 
  • What was the decisive event that made your management support terminology? 
  • How did you set up the original process and how did you do a first “cleansing round” to have a solid basis? 
  • How can you agree upon new products, terms, terminology in a collaborative, moderated validation process? 
  • How do you make terminology easy to use for everybody in an organization? What are the critical success factors here? 
Klaus Fleischmann asks Markus Umundum these and many more questions, during an extensive Q&A.
This webcast is in English.

Please note: this webcast is in English.