How to get started with Trados Studio 2021
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Take a tour through the Trados Studio 2021 desktop software and Trados Live, the cloud companion accessible via a browser. 

You will learn about the core components of our CAT (computer-assisted translation) tool and how to use them to your best advantage. 

Topics include: 

  • How to use a translation memory (TM) and a termbase and how to work with translation suggestions
  • How to create a TM and a termbase in Trados Studio and in Trados Live 
  • How to translate a single file in Trados Studio and how to create a translation project in Trados Studio and Studio Live 
  • How to generate target files in both Trados Studio and Trados Live which saves your files in the original file format
  • How Trados Studio and Trados Live work hand in hand 
  • How to use machine translation in Trados Studio 
  • A quick look at how to add apps from the RWS AppStore.

Please note: this download will be in English.
This is an SDL Limited video that is now part of the RWS Group.