Three key ingredients for effective global messaging

Effective and consistent global messaging can enhance the reputation of your international brand. It is also key to helping your organization reach and expand into new markets. While many aspects, of course, influence the quality of global content, in this webinar we will focus on the purely linguistic side of it, and more precisely, on achieving and maintaining high-quality output in the translation process.
Klaus Fleischmann, Managing Director at Kaleidoscope, explores the three key ingredients for assuring quality in the translation process. Our round trip will visit the:
1. areas of effective collaboration and sharing of resources and information;
2. a sound process to ensure that terminology supplies the linguistic foundation for effective messaging; and
3. quality evaluation for scoring and adjusting process outputs. 
During this webinar, Klaus covers both best practice processes and the technologies available for organizations of every size. This ranges from RWS’s leading translation solutions, including Trados Live Team, to enterprise-level process technologies for quality and terminology management. By combining sound processes and leading technology, you can produce more effective and consistent messaging for your international audiences.
This webcast is in English.