Understanding terminology - The solutions

Watch our session where Tom Imhof, Founder of Localix.biz, covers Trados's terminology software solutions and those offered by our technology partners. You will get an overview of the complete Trados terminology product chain from the terminologist's desktop to the cloud and from a single user perspective to managing terminology workflows within companies and organizations. 

You will also learn which solutions exist in order to convert terminology data from one format to another and which APIs are currently available that help automating terminology workflows. 

There are three short product demonstrations included in this session. The first will show how to set up a simple termbase in MultiTerm. The second shows how to prepare and convert glossaries in Excel format for use with MultiTerm. The third one takes you through how to use the termbase in a translation project to check for consistent use of terminology.

Tom Imhof

This is an SDL Limited video that is now part of the RWS Group.