WilTec case study – Fast and secure translation collaboration in the cloud with Trados Team
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Based in Eschweiler, Germany, WilTec is an online mail order company. Their website lists over 7,000 products with item descriptions available in seven languages. WilTec use Trados Team to improve the quality of translations while reducing the time required. They are also using Trados Terminology to manage the translations of the terms used to ensure consistency.
"Trados Team is a cloud solution, which is exactly what we were looking for. This means that we have a system that gives our translators a common space, even though they are located in a decentralized location. The data is available to everyone in real time and without barriers." says Patryk Heppding Gonsior Teamlead Marketing, WilTec Wildanger Technik GmbH.
Learn more about how WilTec are using Trados translation technology to help them manage an ever-growing translation workload in our case study.

Please note: this download will be in English.