Trados Accelerate

The out-of-the-box translation management system (TMS), designed for companies who want to grow internationally – and get there fast.

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Organizations that are looking to expand their global presence usually want to do so as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Localization is essential to global expansion and growth, but it can be hard to figure out which approach is best for your business and your particular needs.
Trados Accelerate is an innovative, scalable and automated translation management system that helps your organization expand into global markets faster. With native integration to the market-leading CAT tool, Trados Studio, and to neural machine translation, Trados Accelerate has out-of-the-box connectors and customizable workflows to support end-to-end workflow streamlining and automation.

Key benefits

Our out-of-the-box translation management system provides:

Fast stopwatch

Smarter, faster translation

Reduced translation cost

Consistent quality
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End-to-end security

Enjoy these translation management features

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Content connectors

Automate the transfer of content and related information through connectors, to reduce the chance of human error and free up time for more valuable tasks.
Content connectors
Integrated machine translation
Modern UI
Process automation
Out-of-the box reporting