Trados app

The Trados app is the perfect companion for the busy translation professional who needs to keep on top of their workload, wherever they are. 

With the app, you can quickly and easily manage all of your cloud-based projects with a swipe of a finger. Start projects, view statistics, accept new tasks and keep up to date with progress wherever you are — directly from your mobile phone. 

The app is available to download for free on the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

Create new cloud-based projects

Gain valuable time in the translation process by creating new cloud-based projects directly from your mobile with the Trados app. 

A quick and simple process, new projects can be created in four easy steps; start a new project, upload source files from your phone or cloud storage, select a project template, and set a due date. 

Once saved, the source files in your new translation project are immediately analyzed and preprocessed — ready for translating.

Review project status

With the Trados app, you can quickly review where you are with any cloud-based translation project. 

For these projects, the dashboard shows the percentage complete and due date, with color-coding indicating when projects are overdue.

Check project details

It's easy with the Trados app to access key cloud-based project information — wherever you are. 

You can quickly see key information on your cloud-based translation projects such as the number of source files, word counts, due date, source/target language, and statistics on Exact, Perfect and Context matches.

View and accept tasks

On the Trados app, it's no effort to review all the tasks in a cloud-based translation project that has been assigned to you. 

With the option to accept or decline each task, you can let everyone in your team know the task will be dealt with, or if it needs to be reassigned due to your time constraints.

Download the free Trados app