Trados GroupShare

System requirements

Computer sizing

Trados GroupShare supports single CPU and multi-CPU computers on 64-bit operating systems. 


The minimum to run Trados GroupShare is a recent mid-range server with a multi-core Intel Xeon CPU and at least 8 GB of RAM for up to 10 concurrent users. 


We generally recommend that SQL Server is on a separate and dedicated server from the Application server to ensure optimum performance. 

We recommend a recent mid-range server with a multi-core Intel Xeon CPU and at least 16GB of RAM for the application server and 32GB on the SQL Server. For deployments with more than 30 concurrent users, we recommend at least 32GB of RAM for the application server and 64GB of RAM on the SQL Server. 

Trados GroupShare features three capabilities that have a particular impact on hardware requirements: 

  • Online Editor - for Online Editor, please calculate 100MB per file and per user. Therefore, for 10 concurrent Online Editor sessions, at least 1GB additional RAM is recommended. 
  • upLIFT - fragment Alignment (or FGA) is a very CPU-intensive task which only runs from 23:00 to 6:00, by default. For setups with large translation memories (TMs), or a large additions to TMs on a daily basis, it is recommended to have a fast multi-core CPU. For very large setups, contact our Technical teams to explore the option of delegating FGA services to a dedicated machine. 
  • Reporting – for the reporting module please add a further 8GB additional system memory.

Large installations

Large installations vary depending on their type and their dependencies. 

The following large installations can occur:

  • A large Trados GroupShare installation is one that has more than 50 concurrent users on a regular basis. 
  • A large TM Server installation is one that has more than 10 million translation units in all and one or more translation memories with more than one million translation units. 
  • A large MultiTerm installation is one that has more than one million entries in all and one or more termbases with more than 250 000 entries. 

For large installations, an appropriate scaling approach should be taken after consultation. The scaling solution should be based on the clients' particular needs regarding the split between the Application Server and the Database Server, on separate computers. 

For more help in configuring large installations, contact RWS Professional Services.

Operating system requirements

Trados GroupShare runs on the following platforms: 

  • Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019, with IIS 10.x 
  • Windows Server 2012 R2, with IIS 8.5 

Please note that servers configured as domain controllers are not supported.