The Power of Three

Manage growing demand for translation with three core technologies in one solution, Trados Studio

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The best way to enter new markets and increase sales is to speak your customers' language when communicating globally. 

The key to producing translations in local languages quickly and effectively is to make the most of the three core translation technologies — translation memory (TM), termbase and machine translation (MT). If you're new to translation, download our eBook to find out how each of these technologies can help you. If you already use these in your translation function, join our free best practice training in March to discover tips, tricks and shortcuts to make your life easier.

eBook: The Power of Three

To help you address the growing tidal wave of translation requests, learn more about the three time-saving enablers in our one software tool, Trados Studio.

 How a translation memory works to save time when translating

 The art of controlling your message with a central termbase

 Delivering translations at high speed using machine translation

 Combine these three technologies for a powerful, flexible translation solution

Download the eBook

Training: Best practices for project preparation

Before you start your translation project, you'll need to prepare the files. This online session shows you how to save time using features in Trados Studio by:

 Using file preparation tips and advice

 Selecting the appropriate file type, and adapting it where needed

Learning how to handle embedded content within files

 Automating and speeding up project creation

Re-using previously translated files with Studio's PerfectMatch feature.

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Training: Best practices for getting the most out of your TM, MT and terminology

Join this training webinar to learn how to work with your translation memory, termbase and machine translation to create fast, effective high-quality translations in Trados Studio

 Combine TM, MT and terminology to achieve the best output

 Manage and maintain TMs more efficiently

 Learn the difference between a project TM and a main TM

 Use terminology to produce higher quality translations.

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Training: Best practices for the post-translation phase

After translation you'll need to finalize your project. In this online session, you'll improve your knowledge of the quality assurance (QA) process and post-translation admin in Trados Studio, and will learn how to:

 Effectively review translations

Reduce translation errors using verification features

 Update translation memories

 Automate and speed up project creation

 Solve file conversion problems.

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