Free online training: Translation Memory

Learn best practice use of translation memories for more efficient translating

Learn how to create, use and maintain translation memories that will work harder for you — saving time, improving quality and increasing consistency. 

Our free translation memory (TM) training is part of our 35 year anniversary celebration of Trados translation software, the very heart of which is a powerful translation memory. These two 90 minute recorded sessions are perfect for anyone involved in the process of translating or managing the localization of an organization's content.

Part 1 - TM Basics

If you're new to translation software or simply want to refresh your knowledge, this session is for you. Our certified trainer will show you:

 How a TM works and how to create one

 The different types of TM matches

 The differences between a TM, a termbase and machine translation

 How to translate faster with upLIFT Fragment Recall and Fuzzy Match Repair

 How to create a TM from previous translations using alignment

 TM strategies: for example, should you use a big TM or multiple small TMs?

View part 1 (English)

Part 2 - Getting the most from your TM

Suitable for more experienced CAT tool users, learn how to gain maximum leverage from your growing TMs. Our expert will show you:

 How to maintain your TMs efficiently

 How to easily update your TMs after review using Retrofit

 A demo of RWS AppStore TM apps to help you reduce manual work and save time

 How to use PerfectMatch to leverage previously translated files when working on a similar project

 An overview of server-based TMs and why they're recommended for team-working

View part 2 (English)

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